Night Saver Rope

Night Saver Rope

Night Saver Rope, Real Life Saver

Night Saver Rope, Real Life Saver was spurred by the tragic loss of a friend of its creator. Its a kind of an irony that a life was lost that inspired the birth of the Night Saver Rope

Night Saver Rope has been designed, to be highly visible in both day and night. Illuminating in the dark, it greatly enhances visibility. Night Saver Rope is a reference guide back to safety for distress persons, first responders during rescue operations.

Caister Lifeboat has been saving lives at sea since 1791.

“Thank you for the kind donation and trail of the Night saver rope, the crew have been using the rope for a couple of weeks and have been highly impressed. The bright colour and reflective stripes makes this rope stand out even in low light and then at dark the rope truly glows making the line visible from 30ft away in the water.

The fact this rope floats gives it great verisablity and we trailed it as a rescue swimmer line which worked a treat”.

Adam Pimble

Volunteer Caister Lifeboat

Hemsby Lifeboat Founded in 1976

“I can confirm that the sample of Night Saver rope was tested buy us a few nights ago on a Broads Rescue job to assist a craft who had suffered steering failure. The rope sample was used to assist in a tricky springer two by our Broads boat and it worked a treat. The rescue was a complete success and the rope performed well, allowing us to manoeuvre the much bigger vessel to a safe mooring. It was easy to handle and in the failing light was visible to the crew at all times making our role in the rescue that much safer and easier to manage”

Chris Batten & Daniel Hurd Hemsby Lifeboat

Volunteers Hemsby Lifeboat

Night Saver Rope
Night saver rope is a glow in the dark rope, has Strand that when charged in the daylight, glows for a very long time. Having already achieved an innovation award 🥇 in March 2017

Night Saver Rope and purportedly 10 times stronger than standard buoyant rope, the yellow, orange, and pink glowing product can be used in a variety of marine settings,

In any of them, imagine a “man overboard” situation. Protocol calls for a lifebuoy to be thrown to the fallen crew member. But when it’s pitch black out, that kind of device can be hard to see.

A key potential market for the product is the commercial fishing sector. Loss of life on fishing vessels is on the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s watch list, meaning it considers the number of related accidents and deaths as unacceptably high. The average number of fatalities is about one a month.

“Most of these fatalities happen during dusk and nighttime,”

Night Saver rope Award

Here at Access Marine Direct Ltd we are always at the forefront of initiative techniques and equipment. A reflective strip throughout the rope that shines all the time and the rope is charged by the UV of the sun this coupled with the High Viz colouring, and floating ability all add up to a well thought out rescue line.

-How long to charge the rope and the life span of it?

4-5 hours with a 8-7 hour glow span.

We at Climbersdirect, have got this being tested in industry, with the honourable volunteers at Hemsby lifeboat.


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