Petzl Newton Fall Arrest Harness
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Petzl Newton Fall Arrest Harness


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Petzl Newton Fall Arrest Harness

Petzl Newton Harness range can either apply to Euro inc Russian or Int standard. The Int standard of the Petzl Newton Harness offers ergonomic stowage of MGO connectors and has fall indicators and is certified to North American, European and Russian standards


Petzl Newton Harness are anatomically built with the comfort of the user in mind. Slotted shoulder straps allow for equal weight distribution during descent, keeping you upright.

Petzl Newton Harness have a coloured areas to help with the identification of the harness upper and lower sections. The easy to use FAST buckles along with the colour coded areas allow for quick and effective use.
Fast and easy to adjust with the help of self-locking DOUBLEBACK makes the Petzl Newton Harness the best option for Fall Arrest work with two equipment loops on this it is fully equip to cope with everyday use in the working environment.


Declaration Of Conformity

PPE inspection procedure

Download the PDF – 7.93 MB

PPE checklist

Download the PDF – 0.24 MB

Tips for maintaining your equipment

Download the PDF – 3.05 MB

Petzl Newton

C73AAA 1 Euro Size 1, C73AAA 1U Int Size 1, C73AAA 2 Euro Size 2, C73AAA 2U Int Size 2


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